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Join us for live entertainment every Thursday through Sunday nights with shows beginning at 9:30pm unless noted on the schedule. All shows are in our first floor atrium bar and lounge area. We welcome guests 21 and over with a valid ID. There is never a cover charge.

Friday 2/6Hot Sweet Like (5-7:30); Broken Monday (9:30-close) Website
Saturday 2/7Vexine (9:30-close) Website
Thursday 2/12Fillmore (5-8)
Friday 2/13Hot Sweet Like (5-7:30); Cha Cha Cadillac (9:30-close)
Saturday 2/14Mo Debree (9:30-close) Website
Tuesday 2/17Dance Candy (5-8) Website
Thursday 2/19Fillmore (5-8)
Friday 2/20Hot Sweet Like (5-7:30); Billy Joe Trio (9:30-close) Website
Saturday 2/21Everwilde (9:30-close) Website
Thursday 2/26Fillmore (5-8)
Friday 2/27Hot Sweet Like (5-7:30); One Way Ryde (9:30-close) Website
Saturday 2/28Kurt Crandall (9:30-close) Website

Thursday 3/5Fillmore (5-8) Website
Friday 3/6Hot Sweet Like (5-7:30); DJ Williams (9:30-close)
Saturday 3/7Silver Bullet (9:30-close) Website
Thursday 3/12Fillmore (5-8) Website
Friday 3/13Hot Sweet Like (5-7:30); Murphy's Kids (9:30-close) Website
Saturday 3/14Mike Huntley (3-6); Klaxton Brown (9:30-close) Website
Thursday 3/19Fillmore (5-8) Website
Friday 3/20Hot Sweet Like (5-7:30); Adrian Duke (9:30-close)
Saturday 3/21Stone Brook Moonshine (9:30-close)
Thursday 3/26Fillmore (5-8) Website
Friday 3/27Hot Sweet Like (5-7:30); Mekong Express (9:30-close) Website
Saturday 3/28Mo Debree (9:30-close) Website

To book a band please submit a demo to:
The Tobacco Company Restaurant
c/o David Campbell
1201 E. Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219


There is something special happening every day at The Tobacco Company Restaurant.

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